Jerry Lee's History

The Lee Family

Jerry Lee realized his dream by opening his first grocery store on Live Oak Avenue in Pascagoula, MS in 1958. His focus on providing customers with outstanding perishables, great selection, competitive prices, and friendly service were so well received that sales increased -- and just a year and a half later, Jerry Lee moved to a larger location on Ingalls Avenue.

In 1970, a fire completely destroyed that store - but not the vision or the dream . Just 120 days later, Jerry Lee reopened for business at the Ingalls Avenue store. Two years later, he opened a second location, known as Jerry Lee's #2, in Gautier, MS. only twelve miles from his first location.

His service to the area and commitment were noted again in 1974 when Jerry Lee opened an additional store in Pascagoula, called Publik Warehouse Foods. A second location in Gautier then opened in 2001, known as Jerry Lee's #4.

The summer of 2005 was a difficult one - Hurricane Katrina rampaged along the Gulf Coast and completely destroyed Publik Warehouse in August 2005 - but Jerry Lee still had three other great stores that remained in operation in Gautier and Pascagoula.

Today, Jerry Lee, himself, is in retirement, but he is pleased to see the tradition continued through his son and daughter, Mark Lee and Susan Lee Harris, who now run the business on a daily basis. The Lee family is proud to provide that personal touch and for having a relationship with their customers - from generation to generation. It began back that day in 1958 and can be experienced again today!

Jerry Lee and his family welcome their customers' special requests and suggestions, and pleased to serve!